Brand Strategy & Creative Storytelling

broadcasting your essence


In the digital age, every interaction is a reflection of your brand. Those who are able to craft a compelling narrative that addresses a real need are the ones who make progress. We work together to define and create a cohesive brand identity that speaks your truth in a compelling narrative across all platforms.

My angle is speed and iterations. I am able to work very quickly in intensive sprints, working side by side with the client and your customers to speed up feedback loops and get to effective design much quicker. 

Toolkit:  Brand strategy, market research, competitive analysis, ideation brainstorming sprints, human-centered design, rapid prototyping, UX & UI design, logo design, customer development, and user testing. 


  • Brand Identity Design Immersion (2 days)

  • Website Design Immersion (1 week)

    • Brand strategy session

    • Research and moodboarding

    • Asset creation and compilation

    • Design sprints

    • Testing / refinement

  • Communication Strategy and Marketing Campaign (1-2 weeks)

    • Discovery session and 360 stakeholder reviews

    • Brand Architecture and Platform

    • User Research and Profiles

    • Positioning and messaging plan

    • Collateral and Messaging creation

    • Communication plan

  • UX Prototyping Immersion (3 days - 1 week)

    • User research

    • Market research

    • UX guidelines

    • Wireframes and clickable prototypes

    • Testing results and analysis

  • Design / Strategy Coaching (coaching hourly rate)

  • Add on packages: Photography, Videography, Illustration & 3D animation

Use Cases:

  • Need support with ideation and prototyping an abstract concept for a new product or service you want to bring into the world, but don't know how and need a process that will leverage the best ideas in the room and bring them into reality.

  • You have a concept and initial prototype, but don't know how to achieve product-market fit and are struggling to understand who your user really is.

  • You have a concept that works, but the brand isn't quite right – you feel the messaging could be more compelling, and with an improved look & feel, you could increase the value of your business exponentially.

  • You have an established brand for 20+ years, but it needs a little revamp on all fronts to make it feel more contemporary and cutting-edge.

  • You have a site that's been online but you feel doesn't accurately represent who you are and the immense value you create. And you are too busy and successful to put your energy towards it.

  • You have proven track record with your product or service, but feel the need to scale and build more momentum within your existing community to become brand ambassadors. You need a plan and a process to get this moving.