Ting Kelly designs transformative experiences for global leaders looking to shift paradigms in culture, wellness and technology. 


 “A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.

- R. Buckminster Fuller

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Creative Services

branding | experience | network


Creative Services Overview

Brand Strategy & Creative Storytelling


In the digital age, every interaction is a reflection of your brand. Those who are able to craft a compelling narrative that addresses a real need are the ones who win. We work together to define and create a cohesive brand identity that speaks your truth in a compelling style, across all platforms.

Integral Experience Design & Production


In the age when material products become less desirable, people are searching for a deeper sense of identity and connection. We work together to design and produce experiences that engage your customers and partners in a refreshing and meaningful way.

Network Activation & Ecosystem Research


Whether you are launching something new, expanding your business to an emerging market, or looking to deepen your existing community, we dive deep into the field to uncover key market insights, mobilize our network of experts and thought leaders, and design an engagement plan to activate your network and leverage your assets. 

“Ting is a delight. She is thoughtful and creative, wants the very best for her clients, and will do whatever it takes to get there.”

— Lawrence Levy, former CFO Pixar Animation Studios, Co-founder Juniper Foundation, author To Pixar and Beyond


2019 Special Programs 

Personal Immersions | Private Coaching | Gene Keys | Tea Ceremony | Nightingale


2019 Programs Overview

In addition to my general consulting services, I am so pleased to offer a dynamic range of offerings from deep dive private retreats to private coaching to sensual tea experiences. All programs are subject to customization based on request.


Personal Immersions

1 to 3 day private design retreats to realign your purpose & brand essence.


Private coaching program

3 to 6 month deep process to hone your life purpose, ritual life design, and creative expression.

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Gene Keys reading

90-minute intensive sessions to gain clarity on your unique blueprint of work, love and spirituality.


Tea Ceremony & Calligraphy Experience

3-hour immersive experience into the sensual wisdom of Chinese tea ceremony & calligraphy arts.

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Nightingale: Annual Integration Immersion

1-month immersion to integrate your year, distill key learnings and envision your year ahead.

“Ting is a creative doula and she is the biggest gift I gave myself in 2018. Through personal immersions that Ting designed for me I emerged with a direction for my work and life that was clear and illuminated. She then worked her magic and translated our experiences into my business offerings and a digital representation of who I am which surpassed my biggest dreams for our work together.”

- Amy Day, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant 


About Ting

Creative Doula & Network Weaver

Ting Kelly is a taiwanese-Irish experience designer dedicated to culture shifts for good. 

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Her mission is to bring human creative vitality into the workplace, homes, and our cities. She is dedicated to helping birth the new paradigm of a “creative learning culture” globally, and gather the intergenerational, intercultural and interdisciplinary wisdom around the world to build the world our hearts know is possible. She specializes in emerging markets, global innovation ecosystems, and human-centered design. She works with clients during inception phase of new company or concept, and brings together the best people from around the world to meet the goal at hand. She has worked with leading-edge biotech and wearable tech startups to Tibetan Buddhist meditation non-profits; and from large multinational Fortune 100 companies such as Nike to high-growth startups such like Airbnb.

Trained as a systems thinker, designer, and brand strategist, she brings the diversity of her life experiences into the richness of experiential learning environments and communities. She is currently co-founder and CEO of Ritual Studio, an experiential design studio for the creative frontier. We bring ancient and modern wisdom to life through thoughtfully curated planetary expeditions, nomadic creative tools and editorial content geared for luminaries on the edges of art, culture and technology. Prior, She served as CMO at SNP, a consulting firm specializing in storytelling for high growth startups like Airbnb to large Fortune 100 companies like Google and Cisco, before she left to co-found a nomadic design studio, Metapattern. With every opportunity, she activates an extraordinary network of thinkers and doers to bring the most diverse perspectives and ideas to the table.

Passionate about the power of civic innovation and urban design, she has brought her integral thinking and creative mindshare to the table of a range of cultural institutes and foundations as well as civic non-profits, from the City of Detroit, Copenhagen, Taipei and Fremont, to the Methuselah Foundation and Kauffman Foundation. For the past 10 years, she has been a Fellow for the Long Now Foundation, and now serves on the Board and Executive Committee of the Buckminister Fuller Institute (BFI). She served on the Special Operations team at Burning Man, which led to the co-founding of the Emergent Collective, with the mission to bring together people interested in culture shifts through experimental cross-disciplinary collaborations.

She speaks around the world about emergent design, community building and the future of creative culture globally. Ting has an active practice of Chinese calligraphy, martial arts, tea ceremony, photography and writing.


“Working with Ting is quite simply magical. Her knowledge, style and grace, together with multidisciplinary tools – design thinking, intuition, music, embodiment, ritual, visualization, and other creative processes – plus a deep care and belief in human potential – allowed us, through deep immersion, to access what my soul wanted to express. The result was not only a beautiful online presence (something that I’d felt ‘stuck’ on for years!), but a new way to nurture creativity and confidence, allowing me to continue to dig deeper to express what I have to give in this world.”

- Jennifer Conte-Davies, Leadership Development, Verizon



“You must learn one thing. 
The world was made to be free in. 
Give up all the other worlds
Except the one in which you belong.” 

― David H. Whyte