Hi, I'm Ting.


I help organizations bring their ideas to life and build community through curated experiences.  


my work

I'm a producer, designer, and community builder. I work with Fortune 100 companies, innovative foundations, and high-growth startups* searching for new approaches to solve wicked problems. I help organizations tell their story and activate their network through curated experiences that engage the senses and meld the minds and polarities in disciplines and cultures. My research and work tends to focus on emerging markets, mostly in Asia. My approach is integral and emergent: beginning with deep empathy and listening, and moving into experience and communication design that inspires deep engagement and growth. With every opportunity, I activate an extraordinary network of thinkers and doers to bring the most diverse perspectives and ideas to the table. 

*Clients have included Nike, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Long Now Foundation, Methuselah Foundation, Museum of Anthropology, Thync, TCHO Chocolate, and Airbnb

I also organize my own branded experiences and creative expeditions around the world for leaders, artists and entrepreneurs. When I'm not on the road, I love hiking through nature and photographing the beauty around me. (see my work on Exposure)



I was raised at the intersection of science, technology and art. My father is a prolific futurist and artist, and my mother is a scientist working on curing cancer. As a San Francisco native, I started working in startups at the age of 16, and developed a passion for radical collaboration and entrepreneurship. My involvement with the Long Now Foundation has informed my perspective and desire to work on grand challenges and long-term solutions. I was blessed to travel internationally at a young age and was exposed to the breadth of cultures and ways of being: I first went Burning Man when I was 5, and backpacked through rural Tibet and China at the age of 8. I speak four languages and hope to learn Arabic next. I have continued to travel and work on the road as a "digital nomad" for the last 3 years throughout Asia, Europe and South America.

Previously, I co-founded three companies: Doorstep Studios, a human-centered digital design studio, Meraki, an experiential learning collective and Maleo, a marketplace for alternative learning programs.

What drives me is working toward a world of humanitarian and ecological thriving and co-existence. My work is to serve visionary, evolutionary leaders in their journey of transforming culture and improving the human condition.