A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the top leaders in logistics management, and redefine the space from an ecosystem level with Cisco, DHL, Caterpillar and Frog. I was on the Design team working on a team to help them solve their challenges around creating new cross-company logistical products to help them manage all parts of the supply chain: from more smart, IOT warehouse systems to adaptive delivery and pricing schemes. 


Over a 48-sprint in a converted warehouse in Berlin, Germany, we brought together this large group of executives across key departments in each partner company for a chance to prototype, ideate and test out different experiments with real customers. I collaborated with an entire BUILD team of developers and hackers to make the prototypes real overnight, and then our team created a pitch deck that we used to pitch our idea by real time simulcast back to HQ in Palo Alto. 


  • Prototype mobile application
  • Micro-website
  • Pitch presentation design


Huffington Post


Market research, UX / UI design, customer development, user testing, app design and graphic design. 


This project was completed in partnership with FACTORY. 

Team Lead and Designer: Ting Kelly

Project Lead: FACTORY

Photography: Daniel Johnson


The Process



CHILL – Cisco Hyper Innovation Living Labs. The session, facilitated by the Factory, an incubator backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis, included key leaders from retail, consumer products, and finance industries.

Your first question might be, “What kind of a hype phrase is hyper innovation?”

It’s actually quite apropos given the pace of change in technology – for that matter in society – today. Prototype projects that used to take 18 to 24 months now must now be built and evaluated in days. And that is the point of CHILL.

CHILL brings together industry leaders to collaborate in innovation – to compress the cycle from months to days to hours. In this case, our customers engaged in rapid prototyping sessions designed to create new models for “frictionless retail.”


“The results were truly amazing. In a 48 hour period, the group created solid prototypes that they forecast could deliver billions of dollars of economic value to retail. That’s delivering on the promise of the Internet of Everything. I’m incredibly impressed by the results of this session. We plan on making CHILL part of selected Cisco IoE Innovation Centers around the world."

Wim ElfrinkPresident, WPE Ventures Digitized Solutions, Cisco


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