Define and flesh out the collateral for this emergent, unique brand targeted at misfits within society that serve as high leverage change-makers. They needed some artifacts that laid out the vision and invitation to become part of the network that would be both compelling and different. As the network grew and they launched a large mission (America’s True North bus tour), more materials and a website was also created to gain support from potential sponsors and media partners. 


We started with the mark, and evolved the mark into different contexts — into a website, concept decks, branded products (hats, T-shirts, cars), and graphics that will soon be featured in the upcoming PBS documentary film. People loved the brand so much they began wearing the hats everyone and asking for more branded materials to sport. The network has grown organically and by referrals only to 2,000 people in the course of a few years. 


  • Concept note
  • Invitation
  • Website (link)
  • Motion graphics video



Brand strategy, collateral design, web design, motion graphics


Creative Director and Lead Designer: Ting Kelly

Video: Patrick Bresnan

Photography: Mariana Nombre

Logo Design: Domingo Robledo

More about BLK SHP

"Inspired by trips to Pixar, we (a group of Bay Area entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and social entrepreneurs) started the BLK SHP (black sheep) in 2012. In particular, Pixar Director Brad Bird’s quote was particularly inspiring: “Give us the Black Sheep. I want artists who are frustrated. I want the ones who have another way of doing things. Those nobody is listening to…” Today, the BLK SHP community numbers over 3,000 creative thinkers and doers in the US and abroad. Our mission is to unlock the artist within everyone. We harness that creativity to address pressing social problems.

BLK SHP is a community that acts as a connective tissue across disciplines and a platform that bridges divides to solve problems in new and creative ways. BLK SHP includes four core components: the BLK SHP Community, BLK SHP Operations, BLK SHP Media, and BLK SHP Ventures (angel investments)."


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