Juniper Foundation is 10 years into a 100-year vision. As part of that vision, in 2015, Juniper launched a project to extend their presence into the city of San Francisco. To support this new initiative, they were seeking to create a modern, compelling web app oriented toward the San Francisco community, with a online portal to purchase branded Juniper programs and products. The primary objectives of the app were to (1) invite San Francisco locals to be part of this new space and community, (2) provide interested users the opportunity to sign up for Juniper's mailing lists and membership areas, and (3) enable users to purchase Juniper's products and services. 


We sat with the founding team and deeply listened to the history and lineage of the brand, first sought to distill the brand essence. We consulted on ways to design the brand architecture in a way that would serve the San Francisco audience and set the brand up in the long-term engagement. We assembled a talented creative team of videographers, photographer, copywriter, UX designer and illustrator to make the vision a reality. My role involved creating a site map, UX design guidelines and style guide, mood boarding, directing the photoshoot and video shoot, designing site mockups, and then into facilitating testing and feedback discussions. All along the way, we collaborated directly with co-founder to receive feedback and involve the team in the process. I worked in tandem with the interior designer for the new space to ensure the online brand flowed well with the in-person experience and physical environment.


  • Brand Architecture & Site Map
  • UX Guidelines
  • Moodboard
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Custom Photography
  • Custom Videos
  • Website Design
  • Website Development


  • Harvard Business Review
  • Harvard Gazette


Brand strategy, style guide, site architecture, user research, web UX & UI design, responsive design, agile development, photography, videography, user testing, creative direction, and copywriting.


Note: This project was completed under my previous company, Doorstep Studios LLC.

Creative Director, Lead Designer and Project Manager: Ting Kelly

Lead Developer and Project Manager: Bjorn Cooley

Photography: Galen Rogers

Videography: Mikyo Clark and Chad Owen

Copywriting: Ross Robertson

UX Consulting: Julia Framel




"At Juniper we believe in the potential of the mind. We believe that each of us can learn to counter the stresses of life with calm, balance, clarity, and compassion, and that these qualities can unlock our capacity to become a joyful, positive force in the world.

We also believe that Buddhist methods of training the mind are unparalleled in their ability to bring about this inner insight and growth, but that the cultural and religious wrapper in which we find these methods often impedes our capacity to absorb them.

By removing this wrapper and presenting these practices in a secular form, Juniper offers a contemporary and accessible meditation tradition that is both deeply rooted in the past and culturally relevant for modern life. Awakening the Mind is our blueprint for engaging this path."



“Ting is a delight. She is thoughtful and creative, wants the very best for her clients, and will do whatever it takes to get there. Working with her was a pleasure."

Lawrence Levy, former CFO Pixar Animation Studios, co-founder Juniper Foundation, author To Pixar and Beyond

“I was struck with tremendous admiration for Ting's ability to translate Juniper’s complex story in stunning and effective design. Not only was she diligent and thoughtful to work with, but she also demonstrated a visionary creativity that added spark to our project. I’m so grateful that Ting was an integral part of bringing Juniper’s story to the world on a larger scale.”

— Sarah Grimm, Operations Manager, Juniper Foundation


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