Experience Design & Production

learning environments to retool and reconnect


 In the age when material products become less desirable, people are searching for a deeper sense of identity and connection. We work together to design and produce experiences that engage your audience in refreshing and meaningful ways.

Toolkit: Audience research, visual research, experience flow mapping, curriculum design, environment design, food & interiors curation, talent sourcing, graphic design, and event production.


  • Product Concept Research & Design
  • Learning Curriculum and Program Design
  • Event and Conference Design & Production
  • User Testing Recruitment and Labs (1-2 days)
  • Talent Recruiting and Guest Curation
  • Event Facilitation and Host
  • Event Promotion and Marketing Communications


  • Product or Service Launch Events
  • Fundraising Dinners and Events
  • Summits and Conferences
  • Workshop / Training Programs
  • Thought Leadership Series
  • Improving Customer Service Programs
  • Media Training and Public Speaking Training
  • Field Research / User Testing