4 days (1 day-long TEDx conference + 3 days of interactive workshops and tour around Shanghai innovation spaces)


2,300 invite-only guests from China, pan-Asia and the USA at the conference (+10K people live streaming), and 90 curated guests for the interactive tour.


TEDxShanghai was held at the newly opened Shanghai Tower, the second largest tower in the world, and then our small curated group gathered into two buses to visit and interact


Working directly with the founder and Chief Curator, Richard Hsu, I assembled a curated list of incredible creative entrepreneurs to join the Expedition, representing “The West” and being able to provide valuable expertise and perspective in the workshops. The intention was for cultural exchange and to promote East-meets-West collaboration, particularly to solve wicked problems such as sustainability, wellness, healthy cities, or freedom of speech in China. 

I went to Shanghai for a week before to help scope out locations — NAKED Hub, Octave Living Lounge, etc. — and plan out the Expedition more carefully, as well as meet some of the key participants and stakeholders in the process. I also helped at some key sponsorship meetings and conversations. 


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Ecosystem Activation, Ecosystem Research, Experience Design, Speaking, Facilitation


Co-Facilitator, Experience Design (Entrepreneurship Workshop), Curator of East-West guests, Speaker (TEDxShanghai and CAA speaker)




Our philosophy is inclusiveness, generous co-sharing and co-learning among many sectors of Shanghai - people, ideas, communities and cultures. We embrace Shanghai for all that it tells and offers while our mission is to bring what we feel can be added and highlighted. We are proud to call Shanghai our home and will continuously promote creativity, innovation, culture and active citizenship to give back to the city as much as it has provided for us. 

event : Saturday May 7th
Shanghai Tower Pudong
audience about 2000+
live streaming across China and Asia 100,000+ 20+ speakers / performers

50% Chinese language, 50% English, speakers from around the world



“I see the immense value and potential of these gatherings. These expeditions serve as prisms that refract different parts of ourselves and society"

Carson Linforth Bowley, Founder and Creative Director, Metapattern

“There was excellent curation that truly came out of the heart. I see this as building connective tissue [between East and West] that eventually can grow into a muscle.”

— Dr. Mike North, Discovery Show Host "Prototype This"


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