Tea Ceremony & Calligraphy Experience

Tea Ceremony & Calligraphy Experience

Investment: $750 for a 3-hour experience (local, Santa Fe), $1500 (non-local)


Curate a private or group tea ceremony for up to 8 participants. Hosted at my private tea sanctuary in Santa Fe, or I am happy to come to you.

Chinese bowl tea ceremony with ceremonial grade living teas (organic, chemical-free, sustainably-sourced) from Taiwan. These tea ceremonies are deep meditation and alchemical ceremony of the leaf, water and fire ~ a reunion with Mother Nature and evoking stillness, inner clarity and contemplation.

The ceremony will be first served in silence (60 min), then open up for reflection and sharing (45 min), followed by a calligraphy workshop (75 min) ~ allowing the flow to move through our bodies onto the page. We’ll learn how to use the Chinese brushes, grind our own sumi ink and carve symbolic Chinese characters. I will customize the experience based on the group size, and will accommodate special requests.