Parliament was preparing to launch their bi-annual conference, PowerShift, in San Francisco this Spring 2016. They sought support with the experience design and production of the welcome dinner and day-long event. PowerShift was a 200-person invite-only conference sponsored by McKinsey to bring together the leading thought leaders and executives in Silicon Valley to explore four working groups: Future of Brand, Future of Robotics and Automation, Future of Work and the Company of the Future.


Working closely with the team from the beginning, I sought to understood the core objectives of the conference. Together we designed the flow and content, and then I worked in collaboration with Kennedy Events to select and curate all the design details of the event and manage the overall experience of the guests.


  • All communications with participants and vendors
  • Managing guest list
  • Runsheet
  • Seating map and floor plan
  • Decor, Furniture, Catering and Music selection
  • Design and facilitation of Future of Robotics and Automation session
  • Day-of production and facilitation
  • Opening slideshow presentation design
  • Signage and spatial details for venue


Wall Street Journal

New York Times


Experience design, experience production, graphic design, interior design, facilitation, communications


Experience Design, Facilitation & Visual Design: Ting Kelly

Project Lead: Peter Sims and Liz Fosslein

Producer: Kennedy Events

More about PowerShift

PowerShift is an annual convening of Parliament, with the express purpose of bringing together Members of Parliament, guests of Members of Parliament, and select innovators, collaborators, thought leaders, and authors from our broader community. PowerShift forges new relationships and collaborations between a diverse group of people.

PowerShift embodies the exploration of old and new forms of power in organizations and society.  It is a place where executives, artists, and all those in between gain insight and inspiration from each other. The PowerShift experience is a “destination wedding without a wedding” – a place where you can have fun and meet great new people with whom you will not only form long-lasting and meaningful relationships, but with whom you can also collaborate and make small bet experiments in the days and months following the convening.


"We accomplished everything we set out to do and more. I’m excited to build on this momentum." 

— Beth Comstock, VP Innovation, GE


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