Gene Keys Reading

Investment: $288 for a 90 min intro session, $200 per follow up session (60-minute)

Gene Keys is an incredible methodology that integrates Enneagram, Human Design and and the I Ching system of 64 hexagrams. Unlike most other systems, the Gene Keys is evolutionary and developmental in its design, and looks at the full dimensions of a human being over the course of their entire human development journey, from the exterior to interior, emotional to the cerebral, practical to the spiritual.

I have been studied in Gene Keys for 3 years, and actively do readings for clients for other 2 years. The first intro session takes 90 min, with the option for follow-up sessions for deeper dives in to the Activation, Venus and Pearl sequence of your chart ($200 / follow up session).

Please contact me to schedule a session using the form or my email: