● Convene the local ecosystem that will influence economic growth in the Warm Springs Innovation District

● Immerse participants in frameworks and content relevant to creating the “culture of innovation” narrative and mind set

● Inspire new ways of thinking, behaving and collaborating to accelerate development of the Warm Springs Innovation District

● Create action plans for 2015 in a “Playbook” artifact (with digital assets online as well)


● Crystalized ideas for the ongoing development of the Warm Springs Innovation District

● “Traction Groups” - Self identified group of people have identified specific opportunities and actions to influence the growth of the Warm Springs District

● New excitement and enrollment in the Fremont economic development and innovation ecosystems

● A shared sense of vision and possibility among the participants for the future City of Fremont, and it’s influence in the Silicon Valley region


I helped with the production support of the event facilitation, as well as served as a team lead helping guide conversations and make sure everyone was on track. 

Once the event was complete, we gathered and organized all the assets and documentation, and worked with the Convening Team to lay out the content architecture, storytelling and overall feeling wanting to be captured. We then wrote the copy, assembled and edited all digital assets, and laid out the work product, undergoing many cycles of iteration based on feedback from the team and community.

The final work product was used to distribute to all the participants as well as across the government organization to share the process and generate interest and momentum in the areas that were generated. 

Event Design:

● Participants: 40+ across sectors, government, public, private.

● Duration: 1 Day, Thursday, November 4th   8:30– 5:30

● Location: Co-working Space, Fremont


“Playbook” for City of Fremont Economic Development Office

  • Copywriting to synthesize the day
  • Asset organization in online portal with hyperlinks from document
  • Photo editing and graphics editing
  • Layout design 
  • Event support and facilitation


Ecosystem research, graphic design, writing and synthesis, workshop facilitation. 


Organizing Entity: The Luttrell Collective

Core Facilitation Team

  • Ellen Luttrell,  Venture Lead
  • Ann Badillo, Lead Facilitator
  • Todd Johnston, Process Facilitator
  • Alicia Bramlett, Graphic Facilitation
  • Julie Hayes, Production, Documentation
  • Summer Wallen, Photography
  • Courtney Rafaelli, Generalist
  • Jennifer Chan, Generalist
  • Kim Miller, Generalist
  • Cheryl Golden, Generalist
  • Ting Kelly, Prep Support, Playbook Assembler 
  • Bjorn Cooley,  Prep Support, Playbook Assembler
  • Mikyo Clark and Chad Owen, Videography

Design Sponsor

Kelly Kline, City of Fremont Economic Development Director

Christina Briggs, City of Fremont Economic Development Manager

Karen Alshuler, Principal, Perkins & Will

More about Fremont's Warm Springs Innovation District

The Fremont Innovation District (FID) highlights the existing concentration of large innovative businesses such as Tesla Motors, Lam Research, Delta Products, Seagate, Western Digital, ThermoFisher, Boston Scientific as well as a number of startups in clean technologies, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing in the area.

FID is part of a larger strategy to build awareness of Fremont’s growing cluster of advanced manufacturing clean tech companies. Future plans call for an Innovation District signage.


"Today is not just an exercise, it’s a launch. Fremont has the mentality that we are not just a city, we’re like a Silicon Valley startup. We have some big ideas and we are going forward with them. We are not afraid to think and act differently than other cities."

Bill Harrison, Mayor, City of Fremont, California


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