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2019 personal immersion offering



Personal Immersions


I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be offering the Personal Immersions again this year to badass leaders on a powerful mission in the world. As we are in the potent transition moving from summer to fall, it is a deeply precious time to reflect on our priorities and soul purpose, as well as refine and share our core projects and life design systems. I would be honored to guide this rich creative process with you. I've practiced and refined this process for the past 8 years all around the world with profound results, largely working with technology companies, cultural foundations and new startups (learn more about the process from our design studio, Metapattern, here). Due to the demand and interest in the process of Immersion, I began translating the process into a Personal Immersion format for independent creatives and entrepreneurs over last two years (with 25 successful immersions) and discovered deep resonance and results. I’m now opening the offering to the world at large in hopes of greater impact and service. 


Come on this journey deeper into you.

The you that is craving to come out of hiding

into the light,

and beheld in reverent reflection,

to bear your gifts to this world,

that is starving for Truth.



The Offering

WHAT IS a personaL immersion?

Personal Immersions are intimate and immersive design retreats to bring you deeper into integrity, purpose and creative freedom. A harmonious blend between nourishing retreat to reset your body, mind and spirit, combined with a carefully structured creative container to refine and birth your truest essence, in service of greater collective integrity, impact and generosity. 

Whether you are undergoing a major life transition, launching a new business, or feeling creatively or energetically stuck, the power of deep immersion allows us to suspend our current reality and see ourselves in greater context, reconnecting us to our highest purpose and potential. 

The creative focus areas of each immersion are particular to each individual. There are 3 primary types of immersions I specialize in:

1) Brand Strategy & Design: Personal or Company Essence

2) Life Design Systems: Optimize for Flow

3) Soul Cleanse: Body, Mind, Spirit Reset

The process is designed to harness our yin and yang dimensions of Self. 

From true yin: When we truly allow our innermost truth to speak, honoring it with our loving attention, we begin to say YES to experiencing love, witnessing our innate essence, and becoming open to change. From this fertile space, we can powerfully re-align our deeper purpose, intentions and actions. We begin to see our habits and rituals with Opportunities will flow in freely and dots will connect when we see & act from our deepest truth and inner stillness. 

From true yang: From the clarity of stillness, we are moved to act. Starting with a backcast of your life journey, I’ll help inventory your time, projects and habits to get real about where your energy is going. This can be challenging to look at, but my role is to illuminate our shadows and light in service of personal and collective transformation. These key moments of reflection become the seeds for your weekly, monthly and annual rituals that can come into greater harmony with Nature’s deeper rhythms. I'll share everything I've learned as a nomadic creative for the last 10 years, including my favorite tools, systems and rituals to bring consistent harmony to my life design and creative process.


My role is to your Creative Doula with an eagle eye and nurturing hand to help you gain the clearest alignment of your values, visions and action. Like a doula with a pregnant mother, I am here to activate your extraordinary self, build systems of support in all dimensions, and remove any obstacles getting in the way of your creative expression. I've led immersions with my creative partner, Carson, for companies and teams around the world, helping them rebrand and overcome creative blocks for the past 8 years (see our studio, Metapattern, to learn more about our work and process). The personal immersion is a condensed version of this unique process, applying human-centered design thinking to our own lives. We see our lives as art that deserves the attention and love that we pour into other aspects of our lives. We’ll co-design an immersion experience that fits your needs and intentions, focusing on particular areas of challenge or inquiry. You have so much to give this world. You were born with a unique signature; and you hold the key to unlock the well of wisdom and creative potential. It would be an honor to reflect you and help unleash your unique creative genius into the world. The world needs you. 

“Ting is a creative doula and she is the biggest gift I gave myself in 2018. Through personal immersions that Ting designed for me I emerged with a direction for my work and life that was clear and illuminated. She then worked her magic and translated our experiences into my business offerings and a digital representation of who I am which surpassed my biggest dreams for our work together.” 

- Amy Day, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant,

The Why

We are entering a new era of Creativity and Abundance that we have never seen before — if we can use the momentous forces at play. The fundamental human drive to create a more prosperous and healthy future has never been more alive, and at higher stakes. We are at a civilizational paradigm shift of everything we thought we knew, and each of us are the future ancestors of the next evolutionary leap, parents that are encoding the virtues that become our collective realities. In such times of growing complexity and change, one of the only things we have agency over is where we invest our attention, and thus, how we set the conditions and actions with the time & space we have available — rituals are the unit scale of an intention. In a sense, rituals as an experiential medium are the only constant for change. Rituals are the key to our reconnection to nature’s rhythms and patterns for life cycles, to reground into what is real, and to become conduits for genius to flow abundantly. In essence, we are redefining what abundance really means in the future.


What does “Creative Freedom” mean?

Creative freedom is the soil for collective wealth. 

This process is about removing all obstacles to channeling your deepest creativity, and creating life design systems and new rituals to liberate your creative spirit. Creative freedom is rooted in the buoyancy and resilience of our living systems that we cultivate and refine throughout the span of our life: from our nutrition to financial health, from our family rituals to relationship rituals, from our professions and pursuing a life-long learning process. These systems can all be designed and improved with conscious effort, which allow for more freedom to think, create and be spontaneous, and when shared and offered generously, can transform communities and catalyze abundance for everyone.

“Freedom from one’s own mind is freedom to create.

To have a say in creating life, 

you must be willing to tell the truth. 

Telling the truth frees us from entrapment in the mind.

Creativity, using the mind rather than being used by the mind, is the cure for all stress disorders.”

- Brad Blanton, Radical Honesty

The Approach

What is unique about this process compared to other types of retreats or workshops?

  • Essentialism: Rather just focus on theory and more lists of tools and practices that you “should” be doing, my approach is in Essentialism derived from an embodied learning experience that is participatory, playful and intuitive. I help leaders access their more vital, creative and essential selfs through a customized ritualized experience. When invited and permitted, I am here to reflect and cut through to your deepest truths and soul essence, and get more clear on what is yours to do, and what is not — and the most essential path towards mastery and success. 

  • Integral: I weave creativity together with business, using a highly practical and strategic approach grounded in the principles of design thinking, entrepreneurship, biomimicry, yoga and martial arts, integral theory, behavioral science, systems design, and ritual studies. The process asks you to activate and expand yourself beyond your ego-identity, and stretch into the polarities within, from being and becoming to nature and technology to spirituality and science to east and west to solitude and community, and the Big Here and Long Now. 

  • Process-oriented: These immersions are highly process-orientation rather than results-orientation for their life. We design conditions for emergence rather than solutions or “answers”, and create the space for your unique genius to be seen and expressed. I am here to facilitate the integrity of the process so that you can relax and remain open to all possibilities, synchronicities and new ideas. After 8 years of doing this work, I’ve fine-tuned what works in terms of experience flow, from the music, food, spatial design, to specific prompts, exercises and rituals to bring our your inner creative genius. 

  • Biomimicry: As a technology and nature lover, I’ve become a believer in the force for Harmony that lies between technology AS nature. When we are able to see technology not as “the enemy” or a destructive force, but a generative force that can be encoded for wellbeing and harmony, our attitude and relationship completely change. I weave technology into the process in experimental ways that support the emergence process, from using soundscapes in meditations, to weaving in books, videos and quotes as reference and inspiration for the creative process.

approach wheel.png

Working from inner to outer:

My approach begins from the inner-most layer of your soul, and moves outward into layers of mediation and reach. The place I begin is in the deep psyche. Inspired by Carl Jung and Ken Wilber, my approach begins with establishing a foundational view of Self, and can begin to see one’s essence beyond the ego and identities. Then, we move into diving into your ‘personal cartography’ to better understand habits and behavior patterns. As we begin to gather inspiration and deeper sensitivity to our external environments and inner world, the clarity of vision, values and purpose become self-evident. Once we refine these instincts into the essential metapattern, we then start to extend outwards into practical expression through verbal and visual language, symbols and words — bringing form and function as the interface to the world. We enter the relational field of collective intelligence, where we use our intuitive strategic thinking to get clear on the audience you are serving, what they most need and how to create the best experience for them. 

The Details

What’s included

  • Tailor-designed, high-touch experience to meet your needs and intentions at my beautiful creative studio in Santa Fe. I will take care of all facilitation, consulting, experience design, scribing, and logistics. All logistical details are taken care of. Unlimited concierge support for supporting booking flights, healing treatments, community events, etc. 

  • A beautifully designed microsite (One long scrolling page website) or artifact of your choice to synthesize the work created during the immersion. This will vary on which of the 3 types of immersions you choose, but will be an artifact that can be used as a tool moving forward (personal branding page, life design system, personal cartography, etc.)

  • Post-Immersion follow up email of all notes, photography, recordings of all notes, voice recordings, diagrams created from process. and artifacts created, plus additional resources, links and recommendations personalized for you.

  • Overnight accommodations and hospitality at retreat home in Santa Fe. Access to hot tub, bathtub, and independent bedroom and bathroom.

  • Nourishing home-cooked meals prepared for your dosha and dietary requests. All organic, seasonally selected and typically farm-to-table.

  • Private tea ceremony, tai chi and yoga movement practices, nature walks, and hydrotherapy at 10,000 waves spa.  

  • Intake discovery questionnaire to understand your needs and desires, with a follow up 1-hour prep call and consultation. Pre-reading materials and collaborative mapping ahead of time to architect experience together, including you in the process and decisions along the way.

  • Special gift ritual kit with curated goods, tools and materials to take continue practicing.

  • Printable instructions, worksheets, ritual guides, etc. to take home to continue your ritual practices. 

  • 1 hour follow up 60-minute coaching call, with options to continue on with the Post-Immersion 1:1 Coaching Program (see below)

  • Invitation to join the Ritual Studio Online Support Community

  • Discount for 1:1 coaching for 3-months or 6-months program afterwards (10% off) - read more about the offering below

  • Discount on the Spring and Fall 3-month Learning Journey Cohorts (10% off)

  • Private invitations and discount on future Ritual Studio in-person events and creative expeditions. 


My creative studio + sanctuary in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have a beautiful 3-bedroom 3-bath house on the ridge looking out the New Mexico desert, set up as a creative studio and temple sanctuary. Fully kitted with your personal bathroom and bedroom, hot tub, 3 kiva fireplaces, 5-acre of walking space, tea ceremony space, and lots of space for dance, focused work, meals, and ceremony.

If you'd like to have me come to your home, or to rent another venue, we can discuss and craft a custom quote.

Exact address will be provided upon confirmation. 30 min from Santa Fe airport, 1 hour from ABQ airport — airport pickup included.



The Quintessence – 1 day

The Standard – 2 days

The Deep Dive – 3 days (typically a weekend)


$2,500 for the Quintessence Immersion (1 day, 1 night)

$4,500 for the Standard Immersion (2 immersion days, 2 nights)

$6,500 for the Deep Dive Immersion (3 immersion days, 3 nights)

*I do offer monthly payment plans and special discounted rates, based on case-by-case basis. Please contact me to inquire.


Lead Facilitation & Experience Design: Ting Kelly



Ting Kelly is a bi-cultural (Taiwanese-Irish American) experience designer, writer and global network weaver.

Her mission is to help create a new global language and ‘ritual architecture’ to redefine our paradigms of Culture – embodying Creative Wellness. She is dedicated to helping birth the new paradigm of a “learning culture” globally, and gather the intergenerational, intercultural and interdisciplinary wisdom around the world to build the world our hearts know is possible. 

Trained as a systems thinker and designer, she brings the diversity of her life experiences into the richness of experiential learning environments and communities. She is currently co-founder and CEO of Ritual Studio, an experiential design studio for the creative frontier. We bring ancient and modern wisdom to life through thoughtfully curated planetary expeditions, nomadic creative tools and editorial content geared for luminaries on the edges of art, culture and technology. Prior, She served as CMO at SNP, a consulting firm specializing in storytelling for high growth startups like Airbnb to large Fortune 100 companies like Google and Cisco, before she left to co-found a nomadic design studio, Metapattern.  With a deep passion for experiential learning journeys, she co-founded two learning experiments, Maleo and Meraki Collective, where she designs and facilitates experiential learning journeys with 10-20 participants in a different country to explore the depths of anthropology, technology, entrepreneurship, the arts and spirituality. With every opportunity, she activates an extraordinary network of thinkers and doers to bring the most diverse perspectives and ideas to the table.

Passionate about the power of civic innovation and urban design, she has brought her integral thinking and creative mindshare to the table of a range of cultural institutes and foundations as well as civic non-profits, from the City of Detroit, Copenhagen, Taipei and Fremont, to the Methuselah Foundation and Kauffman Foundation. For the past 10 years, she has been a Fellow for the Long Now Foundation, and now serves on the Board and Executive Committee of the Buckminister Fuller Institute (BFI). She served on the Special Operations team at Burning Man, which led to the co-founding of the Emergent Collective, with the mission to bring together people interested in culture shifts through experimental cross-disciplinary collaborations. She speaks around the world about emergent design, community building and the future of creative culture globally. 

Ting has an active practice of Chinese calligraphy, martial arts, tea ceremony, photography and writing. You can follow more of my work on Exposure (@Ting-Kelly), Instagram (@tingocean), and Medium (@ting-kelly).

the support team

Upon request, these add-on services can be included in our immersion (at additional cost):

Ben H.png

Film, Audio & Photography

Ben Henretig,

Brand Design, Product Design & Tools/Systems

Carson Linforth Bowley, Metapattern


Holistic Health Coach

Claire Ragozzino, Vidya Living

Ayurvedic Nutrition & Private Chef

Giovanna Garcia Valencia, A Purified Life

The Experience Overview

Below is a high-level overview of a sample day in an immersion, as well as a run down of the type of modules, experiential elements and the arc of our process together. Each immersion is different, but this is to give you a sense of what to expect, from the preparation process, to the immersion experience flow, and then to the follow up.

TK_Personal Immersion_Overview_2019.jpg

1 Week Before

In our 1-hour prep call, we'd enter a discovery process around your intentions for our time together and identity any specific area you'd like to focus on. You'll be able to choose from a menu of experiences that are laid out below and that will be revealed in our conversation. Before our immersion together, you would fill out a brief series of questions and send along any informative links and projects so I am fully briefed before we meet. 

immersion flow

Day Cards.jpg
Day Cards2.jpg
Day Cards3.jpg
Day Cards4.jpg
Day Cards5.jpg
Day Cards6.jpg

48 hours after

I'll package all our notes, photography and artifacts generated into a synthesized email, plus additional resources, links and recommendations. I have a special 1:1 coaching follow up program (3 or 6-months) to continue our collaboration (see more about the coaching offerings below).

+ Experiential Gems +

I always like to incorporate creative exercises, meditations, sensual delights and custom designed modules for your interests and creative inspirations. 


Samples of experiential elements that are incorporated into the experience:

  • Cooking class in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda designed for your dosha and by season

  • Outdoor guided yoga at sunrise or sunset

  • Creative exercises, games and prompts designed for you

  • Spa session at Ten Thousand Waves Spa, with  Bodywork or Massage session

  • Private Chinese Tea Ceremony and Meditation

  • Alchemical senses training session with oils, herbs, etc. 

  • Custom designed Tai Chi Practice for stress, creativity and health

  • Tapping and Reiki session for energy clearing

  • Special sensory dinner with an innovative chef

  • Nature walks in Santa Fe to gain inspiration and elements for the creative process

  • Guided dance and movement therapy, based in Chinese martial arts and 5 Elements dance theory.

  • Moodboard and vision board creation

  • Santa Fe artist date to gain inspiration from local artists, gallery owners, museums, and secret gems. 

  • Custom curated playlist and soundscapes to evoke the creative spirit. 

+ Post-Immersion Private Coaching Program +

Based on my experience, I highly recommend follow-up coaching to continue to integrate the learnings and new rituals from the immersion. You’ll receive a 10% discount off all coaching if you have participated in a Personal Immersion.


Coaching Program

Investment: $500/month for 2 calls/month  

  • 2 60-minute calls / month by Zoom

  • Unlimited email support

  • Recordings and follow-up recommendations and resources

  • Custom rituals and practices designed specifically for you

  • 3 to 6 month commitment

  • Calls are scheduled ahead of time on Wednesdays between 12pm - 5pm PT or Fridays between 9am - 2pm PT

Topics could include:

  • Branding and Creative — shifting your brand and building an audience, brand strategy and positioning, website and marketing strategies

  • Holistic Wellness — tips, recipes, self-care practices, exercises, aligned to your goals.

  • Creative Tools and Rituals to stay in your creative flow — specific goals and accountability with your new rituals

  • Sacred Space Creation — create a dedicated space in your home or office for your personal growth practices, ceremonies and sacred space.

  • Career Transition — orienting to your true Purpose and Life’s Work, designing your new branded site, CV, and networking and career search strategies. 

Gene Keys Reading

Investment: $288 for a 90 min intro session

Gene Keys is an incredible methodology that integrates Enneagram, Human Design and and the I Ching system of 64 hexagrams. Unlike most other systems, the Gene Keys is evolutionary and developmental in its design, and looks at the full dimensions of a human being over the course of their entire human development journey, from the exterior to interior, emotional to the cerebral, practical to the spiritual.

I have been studied in Gene Keys for 3 years, and actively do readings for clients for other 2 years. The first intro session takes 90 min, with the option for follow-up sessions for deeper dives in to the Activation, Venus and Pearl sequence of your chart ($200/ follow up session).

Please contact me to schedule a session using the form or my email:

+ Project-Based Consulting +

After our immersion, I would be available on a project-basis for design and strategic consulting. My design practice typically stems from deep-dive strategic immersions, and I specialize in the inception phase of a new project or brand creation. To learn more about my design practice, you can view my Projects and collaborative projects with Metapattern.

Creative strategy & Design:

  • Creative concept design

  • Brand identity design (logos, brand architecture, website)

  • Interface design (website, app, print)

  • Brand photography and photoshoot styling

  • Rapid prototyping facilitation (participatory design process)

  • Content curation (copywriting, content curation, editing)

  • Market research & positioning 

  • Inquiry-based user research

  • Experience design (retreats, workshops, conferences)

Integral EXPERIENCE Design:

  • Personal Cartography design

  • Creative Ritual design

  • Wellness Ritual design 

  • Digital & Physical Systems design

  • Learning Journey design

  • Team Culture Design

  • Communications and PR design

  • Network curation and activation

  • Strategic Thought Partnership & Advising

Get Started

I have space for eight (8) beautiful humans to work with for F/W season.

Please inquire using the form below. Limited spots are available, and the relationship is a mutual commitment. 

Available windows for Fall + winter:

October 14 - Nov 1

Dec 1 - Dec 21


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