Gratitude Notes from 2016


I have so much gratitude for the incredible people in my life who have made this year truly incredible. This was such a big year of transformation and growth, and I truly don’t know if I could have done it without anyone else. I can only name a few here, but there are literally thousands of people who I’ve connected with this year who have transformed my life and brought me hope in humanity. If you are reading this, you are one of them. 


The Emergent Collective: 

You each inspire me. You make me feel alive, and want to do better, to live in integrity and to follow my bliss and radiate it back out the world. You are the perfect combination of mischiveous and responsible, wise and child-like, ambitious and present, loving and respectful. I love each of you so much and cannot wait to create and get to work this year. 


The Deep Tea Haus family: 

Deep bow. Deep love. Deep knowing. My heartfelt gratitude for rekindling my love for life, my sensuality and the connection and hope I have for humanity. Each of your ability to be vulnerable, to open your hearts and be wholly yourself, and to live in flow with the mysteries and magic of every moment. Special call out to the beautiful couples, Abe + Barb and Michael + Whitney and Ben + Rachel for taking leadership, for catalyzes so much beauty and for always showing up with your radiant, most raw and beautiful selves, so that we may all have permission to do so.


The PAN Asia family:

I never thought it could be possible to feel such connection, like-mindedness and a real sense of community from across oceans. But because of each of you, and how you show up, I have found my home in two worlds -- the West and East. You are each remarkable and insanely talented. I love being able to get a window into your world, and find the language to connect and exchange ideas. Thank you for opening your hearts and homes, and for your incredible generosity, sense of humor, and wisdom. I cannot wait for 2017! 


Rachel Rossitto: 

You have showed me the power of divine femininity and the beauty of self-love and self-care. Only through our own inquiry and knowledge of self, are we able to truly serve and be the best partner, family members and friends. I love the way that you love yourself and carry yourself in the world — endlessly compassionate, sweet, feminine, loving and generous. You feel to me like wild and beautiful stallion, truly beautiful inside and out. 


Larissa Conte:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have helped me uncover my inner tiger and diamond of energy. You have guided me in the discovery of my own power, and ability to tap into the deepest source. Through your clarity and grounded presence, you have shown me what is possible when we cultivate our inner sources of wisdom, connection to spirit, and our deepest sources of compassion and empathy. I see you as my lioness protector and warrior of the most divine feminine energy.  


Richard Hsu:

I have too much to be grateful for, I don't know where to begin. Simply, I love and admire your grace and unworldly generosity and spirit. I have witnessed your creative genius and tireless devotion to creating true community and beauty in the world. I love everything you stand for in the world, and work tirelessly to bring more of in the world. You are truly a gift to the world, and my life, and I am so grateful to know you and learn from you in this lifetime. 


Bear + Kati Kittay: 

Bear, Thank you for believing in me, for seeing me, believing in my potential, and initiating projects and big idea projects. Your radiant and full embrace for the bigness of life, and the power of manifestation and living to create coherence, connection and magic together is insatiable and completely inspiring. 


Annu Yadev:

For being such a beautiful model, sister, creative inspirer, and always beautiful, inside and out. I have loved every minute we’ve shared together and the love we hold for one another. You have reminded and helped me fall in love with women, and how powerful and amazing we are! 


Daniel Claussen (now Brand!): 

My soul brother and someone who brings magic to life and tickles my inner adventurer. You inspire me with your tenacity, courage, intuitive direction, capacity for love, and your powerful leadership and strength.


Bjorn Cooley:

I am amazed by how your wise spirit shows up in my daily life, inspiring and reminding me of the preciousness of life, the power we hold when we are in integrity, and what it means to live life purposefully and with zest. Thank you for all our shared experiences and moments of growth, and for everything that you continue to teach me. I love the way you see the world and devote yourself to improving it every day. You truly are a remarkable human being with unbelievable capacity and potential, and I wish you a year full of love, growth, peace and abundance! 


Daniel & Angela: 

What a deep pleasure to know that there are people like you in the world doing such amazing work with such humility and integrity. Being so well read and advantaged, you have shown what can be possible when you put that knowledge and wisdom to practical use for helping others. I am excited for what we can co-create next year. 


Lucas Mann:

It’s been an incredible journey to deepen in friendship with you this year. Thank you for taking care of Carson as a brother, and hosting us so generously during our much-awaited trips to LA. Our trips get better and better each time, and its largely because of you and your curation (not just in LA, but globally!) Your commitment, verve, wit, foresight and taste are such a delight and inspiration, and I can’t wait to get to know you more deeply and continue co-creating in 2017.


Nina Bianchi: 

For being such a bad-ass and always-down co-conspirer, and incredible host during our stay in Detroit. I love your sass, sharp mind, love of learning and willingness to dive into the adventure. Your dedication to the revitalization and creative renaissance in Detroit and beyond astounds me, and I cannot wait to collaborate with you further in the new year.


Justin Mast:

I am so grateful for our deepening friendship and for the incredible conversations we've had that have been always on point and deeply enlightening. You are such a wonderful combination of grounded and insanely creative. Cannot wait to make magic together in 2017!


Weezie Yancey: 

Weezie, thank you for being such a wonderful friend, co-conspirator, and fellow didactic traveler like myself — its a relief and deep comfort to know that there are people out there like me! I am so grateful for you and your family who hosted my in Patmos this summer and are always so encouraging and fulfilling to spend quality time together on our adventures. I hope for many many more in 2017. 


Matt Dorey:

You inspire me with your crazy ambition, generous spirit, and shrewd entrepreneurship. Thank you for creating the Factory community and house where so much creativity is born, and for giving me so many incredible opportunities to push myself and apply my creative brainpower to solve big problems and be useful!  Wishing you an even more epic, creative, connected and abundant 2017! 


Lesley McClurg: 

What I love about you is your raw, authenticity and openness to the fluidity and beauty of life’s vibrations. I can feel the dancer in you, but also a deep grounding and practicality that creates a perfect tension. I appreciated every moment and conversations over tea with you that we shared, and feel such a heart connection with you. I am sorry if I ever did anything to hurt you in a small way or was insensitive to you — that is my own work. Wishing you the most abundant, vibrant, powerful and flowing 2017!


Christine Sanford: 

What I love about you is your insatiable for living life to the fullest and owning your life and choice to make each day count. I love your tenacity and ambition, combined with a relaxed and ability to flow and move spontaneously. It has been such a delight to live together and find our complimentary rhythms and approach to life. I can’t wait to have more adventures with you in 2017, and see how much we can grow in a year!!


The Cooley’s: 

Thank you for still being such an inspiration for me when I think about family and what good looks like. You are always in my heart and mind, and I am so happy to hear of Louise and Aaron’s new one! What a joy. Wishing you a peaceful, joyful and abundant 2017! 


Charles and Socheata: 

Thank you for welcoming me into your home for a taste of intentional community, delicious home cooked feasts and always a willingness and enthusiasm to listen. I greatly respect the intention and care you put into each other and every aspect of life, and with such integrity. You inspire me and I am so grateful to know you in this lifetime. May 2017 be peaceful, joyful and abundant. 


Ivy Ross: 

For showing me “what good looks like” and being such a model of the woman I want to become. For shining a light on the underlying vibrations of the universe, and for demonstrating what zen leadership looks like, and what tuned in creativity can be like, at a global and organizational level. 


Dad (Kevin Kelly):

I have so much to be thankful for you for. Thank you for teaching and showing me to be self-reliant and truly resourceful and creative. You have showed me the benefits of inquiry, systems thinking, being of service, being a family dad, paying attention. You are the best dad that I know. 


Mom (Gia-Miin Fuh-Kelly):

I absolutely love your renewed sense of life and zest for the small things in life. Your work is so important in the world, and I absolutely love how you care about your family, your mother especially, and provide for everyone. You are one of the most selfless and giving person that I know. 


And lastly, my sweetheart, Carson Linforth Bowley:

Words cannot even begin to describe my love for you, Carson. 

My biggest fan and most beautiful partner. You have one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know in this lifetime and I feel so grateful that you chose me to spend your days with. You give me the deepest feeling of hope for humanity and human potential. You’ve showed me how to follow my bliss, and express myself with presence and purely. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. You have changed my life, and I am so excited to deepen in partnership and love for one another. 

I can attempt to express my profound love and respect through this poem:

fertile void, you

soft glow, eyes

The most beautiful wide smile

sweet with an intoxicating 

intrigue, beauty seer

blissful stillness 

center as the only craving

rejuvenation of spirit

ageless, soft billowy pink

and peaks of intervals 

between the rivers of flowing, 

pumping chi. 

fingers encounter

fortresses abound

In an cavern of wind and

light, call to join

your eyes call out to me

honey, honey,

you want to follow me


call out to the stars, universe

shine brighter

and become the moon 

gaze of transformation 

of invigoration 

and wonder

for the deeper depths of

existence and presencing

evoke deepening

soft sturdy wool, 

linen rice paper

and african drums

thumping and breathing life

into spaces

three dimensions

four, maybe five?

the perception and possibilities grow

brought forth 

in rhythms and gestations

of life in a full tone and

accordion of sound

falling through the wells

and channels of the chakras

deep awake 

atonement to the full body

beating heart

to your soul

my heart sings for your together

and I can’t stop singing your name.