Ting Kelly designs transformative experiences for global leaders looking to incept and prototype new concepts, approaches and markets, with the best people in the room. 


Brand Strategy & UX Design

In the digital age, every interaction is a reflection of your brand. Those who are able to craft a compelling narrative that addresses a real need are the ones who win. We work together to define and create a cohesive brand identity that speaks your truth in a compelling style, across all platforms.

Experience Design & Production

In the age when material products become less desirable, people are searching for a deeper sense of identity and connection. We work together to design and produce experiences that engage your customers and partners in a refreshing and meaningful way.

Ecosystem Research & Activation

Whether you are launching something new, expanding your business to an emerging market, or looking to deepen your existing community, we dive deep into the field to uncover key market insights, mobilize our network of experts and thought leaders, and design an engagement plan to activate your network and leverage your assets.