Year in Review

a practice of deep integration & visioning


Year End Review

My annual ritual of taking 3-days in complete silence to welcome in the new year by honoring the year past, integrate the key learnings and envision the year ahead. True depth can only be found in continuous stillness and presence. As an offering of gratitude, I create these year end reviews as artistic expressions of my integration process, and in service of sharing the fruits of the year and inspiring others to life their life as a work of art.


2018 Edition

A prototype 120-page magazine with rich imagery, poetry, artwork, and filled with lots of gems, resources and ritual tools.

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2017 edition

A microsite overviewing the key projects, lessons and favorite healers, playlists, and creative expeditions.


2016 edition

A microsite exploration into the depth of my challenges and accomplishments, and sharing the visual stories from many adventures.


2015 Edition

A visually-focused story to share the emotive journey of the year, focused on the embodiment and exploration of the poetic voice within.


Nightingale Program

In 2018, I launched the Nightingale program to prototype a virtual “learning journey” to facilitate 20 participants in my end-of-year integration process over 4 weeks. Everyone walked away from the program having created an artifact that distilled their year’s accomplishments and learnings, and more organized foundation and vision for their next year. Below is the overview of the program ~ I will be launching this program in 2019!

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There is a legend about a bird which sings just once in its life, more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth. From the moment it leaves the nest it searches for a thorn tree, then, singing among the savage branches, it impales itself upon the longest, sharpest spine. And, dying, it rises above its own agony. One superlative song, existence the price. But the whole world stills to listen, and God in His heaven smiles.


In the deep stillness of winter, with the depth of darkness and inward focus, the nightingale sings her sweet song. This is not a song for display to others, there is no need to perform or prove – this song is the song of the heart, of truth and beauty. The nightingale sings in the dead of night, opening its voice and deepest expression of truth from a place of being home in oneself.

This immersion is designed for you to share your heartsong, to access the depths of your being and sing one of the most beautiful songs about your life anyone has ever sung. Just for you. For no one else but you. To marvel in your own voice, the unique vibration of your soul, and reunite with nature in solitude, in still reflection of self. The Winter element of Metal is about allowing the leaves to compost back into the earth, alchemizing into minerals that will become the rich soil for the blossoming of seeds for the next year. This cycle of life is the most natural things in the world; yet the rituals of Winter have been long forgotten.

My goal for this program is that hold the most gracious mirror up to yourself, to see yourself how you have longed others to see you, and from the deepest stillness, humility and act of self-love, share your true expression -- the song that lays deep in your heart.

Program Overview and Philosophy

The concept behind the 3-day Year End Review Immersion is to create an intentional container for a deep digestion, integration and visioning of your year past and the year coming. Many people move into the new year in a blur (literally and figuratively), and often find themselves in a state of overwhelm and anxiety as January hits and time starts speeding ahead quickly.

What if you could enter into the new year feeling confident, recalibrated into your highest purpose and essence, and ready to take big leaps toward your dreams? What if you had a map of all the powerful moments and accomplishments you made that year that you could see from bird’s eye view and also get to share with your loved ones to remember and continue to harvest wisdom and insights? And then what if you actually gave yourself the time and space to vision your year ahead from a place of deep grounding, humble confidence, and and an open heart? What if you could allow your imagination and dreams to run free, and you could actually plant seeds that can flower and bloom consciously throughout your year?

This immersion program is an overview document of a format that I have practiced and refined over the last 3 years and found incredible depth and joy in the creative process. I have practiced my immersions in beautiful locations, from Mexico and Bali, and make it a fun, creative process of self-love, creativity and inspiration. The importance of space and carving out the time and space to honor your life, take it “seriously” and harvest the deep wisdom present in every moment of your life.

program Objectives

  • Time Overview Effect: Get a high-level view of your year and how you spend your time. Time analysis, energy management and dot-connecting. Start to see the patterns of your energy so that you can self-reflect on your habits, creative flow periods, state of mind so that you can ultimately be able to make refinements and design a better rhythm for you for the next year that is closer to your “true nature”

  • Idea Harvesting: Do you know how many great ideas get lost or wasted in hidden journals? The importance of a Harvesting Ritual is to be able to go through all your journals, both hand-written and digitally, that you have captured that year and be able to synthesize and capture the best and brightest ideas in a consolidated place so that you can archive the rest and keep the gems. These could turn out to be a major contribution to your future projects.

  • Reflect on Key Lessons: The depth of wisdom and lessons that are always available moment by moment is astounding; it all depends on our ability to pay attention to them and integrate them into our daily life. Being able to write down your major lessons from the year can be incredibly powerful and cathartic, and pairing the process with rituals that can alchemically ingrain these changes into your system.

  • Catalog your most powerful experiences: Our year is an aggregate of our experiences, marked by peaks and troughs. Catalog the key moments, experiences, trips, events that were significant so that you may ingrain these moments in your memory, and harvest the key insights and learnings to take forward with you.

The full program is on a private website for cohort members. If you’d still like to join, please reach out to me directly. There is still space if you’d like to join.

What is the Included?

  • 3 60-minute Zoom Calls

  • 1 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Support Call (during Pre or Post-process) - I’ll be offering coaching support calls before or after the immersion, whichever you feel would be most useful for you. This is super helpful for me to help customize the program to work best for you, and make sure that you get the most out of the program.

  • Immersion Instruction Kit - A Dropbox folder with all instructions, worksheets and resources for the immersion, plus playlists and some surprises :)

  • Community Support Group - You’ll get access to a support channel in Whatsapp to share any questions, resources, links and emotional support. You can feel free to meet up 1:1 with each other as well as support!

  • (Optional Add-On) Private Consulting - If you would like more 1:1 support, I will be offering private coaching to people at an hourly rate of $200/hr for ritual design in your life or work and/or project visioning and strategy.

  • (Optional Add-On) Ritual Kit - A physical kit delivered to your home which includes recipes, ingredients, alter artifacts and sacraments to make your immersion as special as possible! (Available for an additional $100)

“Are you prepared to live the life you are being asked to live? Nightingale is a safe and beautiful container for people to be held accountable for designing a life of meaning and joy that we are all looking to have more of. Ting is a wonderful host and facilitator. I feel lucky to participate in her experiences and rituals. I ended the year feeling unable to move forward in my life both mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through the process, I enter the new year feeling confident that I can move and grow through any discomfort.”

– Philip